Technique Class

Lily Cai's class takes you to a new level of dance - a new level of strength, stamina, and artistry. In the class, you will learn Lily Cai's unique body technique - a technique that develops inner power, core strength, and intuitive motion drawn from the Chinese concept of Qi. Lily believes in bringing the consciousness of the body into all dance. The body is first. Beautiful movement, without injury, is the result. This technique, used by Lily's professional dancers, teaches you how to lighten your body, sustain movement, and dance from within.

Thursdays 7PM – 8:30PM $15 per class Click here to Sign Up

Chinese Dance for Children

Lily Cai Dance Company would like to invite students from all over San Francisco to experience joy and beauty through Chinese dance. In addition to improving flexibility, strengthening one’s body, and developing coordination and motor skills, the class empowers its students to express emotions and inspire beauty through creative movement.

Fridays 4:30PM – 6PM $18 per class Click here to sign up

All classes are held at:

Lily Cai Dance Studio
301 - 8th Street, #235,
San Francisco, CA 94103

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